Crypto-Rich Visionaries Building Societies on Sea

Successful cryptocurrency investors are teaming up with Blue Frontiers and the Seasteading Institute to build a community on a man-made island in international waters. While the seasteading movement has recently seen a lot of progress in the form of developing technologies and finding a host nation for the first seastead, the movement has lacked sufficient funding to bring its vision into fruition.  Blue Frontier’s ICO for its new cryptocurrency Varyon aims to solve this problem. As it turns out, cryptocurrency investors are the perfect community to back the seasteading movement and help make sovereign nations on the sea a reality.



The cryptocurrency and seasteading movements have overlapping, heavily libertarian communities. Many cryptocurrency early adopters believed so much in the tech because of the libertarian philosophy behind it. These ideological supporters see the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency as the solution to a corrupt, manipulative, and inflationary central banking system. They see the central banks of the world as fundamental pillars in an oppressive control system that prevents us from having truly free societies. And who can blame them?

Mayer Amschel Rothschild was famously quoted saying,

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”

In other words, these libertarian-minded early adopters of cryptocurrency see bitcoin and other cryptos as a truly free market currency that challenges the monopolized institution of fiat.

In the same way, the seasteading movement sees its initiative as truly free-market governance that challenges the monopolized institution of government as we know it. They view governance as an information technology that needs to be subject to the same competitive free market forces the rest of our world is built upon. To expose government to competition in this way will drive innovation, efficiency and force existing governments to provide better services to keep up.

Sadly, neither the crypto nor seasteading communities truly have the freedom to pursue their ideals on land. While it’s long been impossible to form a competitive system of governments within any countries borders, the cryptocurrency industry is just now facing increased legal pressure that threatens to slow it down.


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